Twilight markets!!

nicole is nicole ceramics will be on sale at the Fridays After Five twilight markets in Aldinga next Friday!!!

Live music, food trucks, wine bar, outdoor cinema and market stalls while the sun sets!

This will be my very first markets experience and I can't think of a better way to start!! 


I will have candle holders, terracotta pebble dishes, egg cups, mugs, vases and plates available for sale.

Wish me luck! 

-nicoleisnicole x  

August Collection

Wow what a result! 80% of my pots came out of the kiln looking really good. I lost a few pieces to cracks and most of my plates slumped... I need to do some research into that.. But what an amazing first solo firing!!  

I set up my little cardboard and tracing paper light box and bought a $3 bouquet from the lady down the road who sells fresh flowers from her garden and I'm really happy with the way the photos turned out.

The full collection is located on my Pottery Gallery page but here is a few of my favourites. 


- nicoleisnicole